About Us


Cobra Yachts proudly represents the traditions of Polish craftsmanship in yachting industry. Traditions which are linked to top-notch quality, strong performance and beautiful design.

With total average output of 22,000 yachts a year Polish yachting industry is the European leader and nr 2 in the world in the segment of yachts with length between 6 and 9 m and since quite some years is extrapolating its potential to larger yachts. Cobra Yachts is one of the leaders in this trend. Polish yachts stand out because of the handmade elements, solid hulls and reliable workmanship adapted to customer's need.

We are family-owned company

We are family-owned company with 18 years of experience in yacht construction industry and we gradually expand our potential without losing sight of the quality. Building yachts is our passion. Cobra Yachts are built exclusively in our shipyard in Radomsko in Poland under the direct supervision of the company owners.

Each yacht is handcrafted to meet the highest standards and in the same time we are taking into account the particular requirement of each customer. You will not see 'packages' in our price lists because each and every item of the equipment can be chosen independently. This allows you to configure your yacht just as you see it in your dreams. And our mission is exactly that - to let you realize your dreams.

Our Core Values


We aim to produce boats
which offer the perfect balance
between performance and comfort.


We are traditionalists.
All our yachts are handcrafted according to your individual needs.
We don’t bundle the additional features into packages.
This way you can have your Cobra yacht just as you see it in your dreams.


Quality is something we don’t make compromises with.
We make sure that every boat which leaves our shipyard
is inspected in each single detail.


With quality comes safety.
Safety is of utmost importance when you sail in open sea or lake.
We use high quality components and we leave nothing to a chance
when constructing our boats.